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Game review of the week #2: Archage

To start things up if you haven’t heard of Archage and you liked Minecraft, Assasin’s Creed IV or generally MMORPG’s then you’re definitely doing something right by checking out this game. It’s a MMO brought over straight from korea is FREE TO PLAY. Which didn’t stop me from investing a lot of money into helping make this game really happen. I actually haven’t been in the hype train for this pretty new game (I mean it came out last week), but ever since my friend showed me this game I have to say I enjoyed the fuck out of it.

Now there’s probably a lot of people who say if you played one MMO you played all of them and I actually would have been one of these people myself. But the amount of relaxation that a round of me driving my boat out on the open seas and just fish is immense.

So about the gameplay. Fighting in this game is classic MMO style, except for the fact that you have one standard ability that kinda serves as your basic attacks. like mana or fire missiles with mages, arrows or a basic little combo with your weapons. The next thing that you’ll notice when starting up Archage that there are a lot of options how to build your character. I mean there are 120 different combinations of skillsets you can have. I’ll just repeat that number for you ONE HUNRED TWENTY. That is INSANE. Fkin awesome, man.

Next up about the world. There’s all in all four races (I’m just gonna use the first reference that comes to my mind): Nuian (which is kinda like Humans in Warcraft or Nord in Elder’s Scrolls), Elves (like Highelves in Warcraft or Elder’s Scrolls), Firran (Cat people, like Kha’Jit in Elder’s Scrolls but a little bit more human) and last but not least Harami (kinda like Humans with Asian culture, I honestly don’t know what to compare these guys to). All classes are actually pretty cool and have difference abilities when it comes to building houses and such (yes you read fkin correctly building houses, but I’ll get to that later).

Next the world. The world is splitted in 3 Kontinents, Auroria, Nuia and Haranya. Nuia is home to elves and Nuians while Haranya is home to Harami and Firran. The two couples of races are hostile to each other ( but as a player you don’t have to be since you can learn the other continents language and just hang out over there). The third continent Auroria is pure PvP, it’s truly so that if you sail to Auroria you can claim land with your guild, build a castle get taxes and have to defend it against other guilds wanting to destroy it. 

Now to the houses part. Indeed you can build yourself a home in this world, actually farming and caravans are a gigantic part of archage. Without farming and such it is not the whole game. Naturally there are many raids and gigantic bosses (such a huge squid in the middle of the ocean) but the main part of archage is the immersive experience of fishing, farming and taking care of animals. This may now not sound to special but it’s just really relaxing honestly.

Also to earn real money you have to trade your goods and the further away you take those goods the more worth they are. For that the best method is a ship. Naturally there now are people that want your cargo for them selves and here comes the next PvP aspect. PIRATES. THAT’S FKIN RIGHT BITCHES. PIRATES. Now check this out. You don’t have to live the “boring” farm life. You can just be a pirate and steal other people’s shit to survive (while you’re at it you can get wasted with your  friends, in real life I mean).

So all in all. Archage is an awesome sandbox MMO (probably the first of it’s kind). It has a lot of cool stuff and a lot of potential and most of it holds up. The only downside for now is that the queues to get into the servers are really fkin long. But this is a bug and they are currently working as hard as they can on fixing it. So if you like RPG’s you should definitely check this game out.



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